Lord Youth is the songwriting project of Micah Blaichman of Queens, NY.


Blaichman began studying the violin at age 3 but quickly lost all of his musical education upon becoming introduced to punk rock at age 12. Later he moved to Berlin, making a living busking ancient blues and country songs in bars and cafes, playing 4-string banjo in hot jazz bands, and touring throughout the US and Europe with the psychedelic ragtime group Tik Tok Laboratories. After playing every punk house and dive bar they could find, the band successfully disbanded.


He started Lord Youth in his Neukolln apartment with a Tascam 7-track cassette recorder. On the handful of days when the weather is actually pleasant and the roving Roma bands are playing “Besame Mucho” up and down the streets. Subsequent albums were recorded in an old attic in Copenhagen and a former blacksmith’s shop in Berlin. The music has been described as old wave, folk noir, lo-fi stoner americana, and bedroom garage. Mostly its the bizarre formalism of the American folk tradition set to mangled mid-60s song structures played through cheap 1980s pre-digital equipment.


In 2017, Lord Youth released “Gray Gardens,” a LP compilation of the first two EPs, with German label BB Island Records. The following year Blaichman put out the single “Do You Have Anything To Add?” on BB Island and Colemine Records, and toured throughout Europe and the US.


Blaichman is working on recording a full length Lord Youth album, as well as producing records for acts such as the Flying Stars of Brooklyn, Sam Doores and the Horse Eyed Men.